Saturday, August 17, 2013

300 Posts, A Give Away, and New Girl!

Oh wow, look who's super slow? 
But today I've decided to finally sit down and do something I've been meaning to for several weeks now. (Yikes, it's a long post.)
Love That Doll's 300th post!
300 posts sharing a bit of our world with you.
I can't believe that I've actually done this much.
Sure, not all of them are top quality.
But you guys stick around for some reason anyway.
So for that I want to thank you.
Oh, and introduce my new doll! She came home with Mia and me during our trip to Columbus! I almost got Caroline instead, but I decided on this pretty girl!
Right here she has a heart with the names of all the dolls I own written in it. This was quite tedious process, but isn't it cute?
Thank you for 300th posts! I've been delayed in putting this up; I just haven't felt right about a lot of things recently but I think this is honestly what I need right now! I'm so lucky to have been able to do this, and to have a place I can go back to. Go back to 300 times. ;)

Well, I hope you like the special pictures, I had quite a bit of fun setting this up! All of the clothes the girls are wearing are outfits I bought at the AG Place.

Speaking of the AG Place, now on to something much more interesting!
A give away!
While in Columbus I picked up two of the store exclusive red t-shirts which say Columbus. (click on the picture for a better view)
So I will be giving away ONE AG Place Columbus doll T-shirt!
Now, the rules for entering this give away are:
  1. You must be a follower of Love That Doll to enter.
  2. If you are under 18 you must have a parent's permission to enter. (I'll need your address if you win.)
  3. Comment on this post or send an email to lovethatdoll(at)yahoo(dot)com if you are unable to comment.
  4. Include in your comment your favorite joke or pun. ;) Hey, what's life without whimsy? On the final post I'll include some of my favorite jokes, so be sure I can link to you via a blogger profile!
The winner will be determined randomly. I'll use one of those online things. So have fun!
The final date to enter will be one week from today (unless too few people enter) on August 24, 2013. The winner will then be announced on August 25th.

Thank you all for sticking around with me through these ups and downs! Now, I'm so in love with this pretty doll I have to give you a more in depth intro of my new girly.
Isn't she so pretty?! She's My American Girl #60, and I think I've finally decided on a name for her. Ladies and dolls, I present to you Miss Rose Ryugamine.
But I think she'll go by Ryu. She's named after Mikado Ryugamine from a show I love called Durarara!! (which is really good, watch it) and Wall Rose from Attack on Titan (which is also really good but pretty mature so don't watch it). Ah, yes. I named my doll after things from fandoms. But hey.
Miss Ryu doesn't have a well defined personality yet, but she's kind of a nerd and writes fan fiction. ;) Hopefully I'll get her into a photo story sometime in the not too distant future!

Thank you for reading! And thank you for sticking with me this long!
Now enter the give away. I know you want to.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Invisible Irony- AG Place Columbus

Hello! I have some exciting news for my 299th post... and this photo story is the best way to tell it!
"Hm...I wonder what this could be!"
"Oh it looks like a new American Girl catalogue!"
"Elizabeth, what should we do today?"
"Ooh, that's so nice!"
"How about just take a nice walk?"
"That's great, Maggie, but you're still a bit off. Try again, it should like this..."
"I would love to have that outfit!"
"You would not believe your eyes..."
"If ten million fire flies!"
"Ah... it's to such a perfect scale..." 
"I wish my hair was that pretty auburn color..."
"Marisol, I need to talk to you about something!"
"Alright but make it quick. I'm running late!"
"Cammrie! How can you say that?! In what world is Sebastian better than William!"
"There are so many pretty things. I wonder which girl will come stay with us next..."
"Uhh... IN ALL OF THE WORLDS! He is one heck of a butler!"

"Wait a second... What's that?"
"There's an AG Place in Columbus?!"
"Wait, what?!"
"Of course..."

Poor Lilianna...
I'm sure all of us know by now about the new store in Columbus, and on Monday I will be lucky enough to go! It's only a few hours away from where I live, and Mia and I will head up on this upcoming Monday!
I'm very excited, I'll probably bring back a doll with me but I can't tell you who yet. ;)
That's mostly because I haven't decided who yet.
I also hope to bring back something special for my 300th post!

So Mia and I will head out early that day... and that's gonna be fun. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures! :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

31 Day Photography Challenge: 1-5 (and guest post!)

Well, I mentioned previously that I'm doing a 31 Day Photography Challenge, which I actually started on July 5th. So today I bring you the first five days! I have up until day 9 completed, but I figured it would be easier to post them this way.

Day 1: Peace
This photo, with Nite and Ddalgi, is kind of weird. I don't really know what exactly I was trying to do, but Ddalgi was on a bright, happy, cheerfully decorated side while Nite was stuck on a dark and lonely side. There's supposed to be an invisible barrier between them, hence why the hands aren't actually touching. Yet even though Ddalgi is on the light side and Nite is on the dark side, they have peace, Nite wants the peace of Ddalgi's side, but can't reach it. But they have empathy, I guess that's the right word, almost for Nite's desire and have this peaceful meeting at the barrier.
Yeah, I don't know. It's pretty. Good enough.

Day 2: Skyline
Skyline! I don't like this one very much, I think I kind of missed the target with this. But, it was the best I can do with my boring suburban skyline. ;) I had to crop out some electrical wires, though.

Day 3: Something You Wore Today
 That earring! I love this pair of earrings, as well as my Taeyang, so this happened! I had a full detective scene set up with them. Chase, or known as stock Shade, is like the Sherlock of the Pullip line, so he inspired a detective team of Groove dolls.
I actually really like this picture. :3
This was the full scene I set up. Chase was investigating one earring, while Ddalgi was taking 'crime scene photos' of the other. Nite was the reporter, though I doubt she actually held interest for anything other than Chase.

Day 4: Fun!
Alright, this one also takes some explaining. So when I saw the theme of fun, the first thing I thought of was the band called "fun."! They sing We Are Young, if you're familiar with that (or Some Nights or Carry On). I had designated Some Nights as Nite's personal theme song, so the two of us recreated one of their album covers to the best of our ability.
I actually really like how it came out, it doesn't resemble the actual cover too much, but I still think it has charm. ;) And yes, that's a violin bow she is holding.

Day 5: Bird
Bird! Well, this is obviously a bird. He's my very pretty (and sometimes loud) Budgie, JeeJee! He's very afraid of the camera, though. ;) I also cropped this one to get a better look at JeeJee.

Thanks for reading!
Also, if you aren't following Jessie over at My Thoughtful Spot, I had a guest post for her that went up today! You can find it HERE!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Three Year Adventure

Three years ago today is when I very first started my blog.
After months of dying to have one, I had finally been able to create my very own AG centric blog. I was on the internet. The best thing that could happen to me was when I hit twelve followers, and Quinlyn started following my little blog.
At that time, I was the proud owner of 21 American Girl dolls and thought my slogan 'Peace, Love, and Dolls' was the most clever thing I had ever come up with.
I was still taking pictures with a small, cheap, pink cam corder. Not even a real camera.
But I loved it. I loved this blog so much, like there was no tomorrow.

But now, after three years in the blog world, I am such a hilariously different person. Seven AGs later, a new Bitty Baby, a fast growing Liv collection, and after introduction to Pullips, I have most certainly changed doll wise.
And about that pink camera? Now, I have official been through four cameras on this blog. There was the pink camera:
This kills me a little inside, but it makes me so happy at the same time to see how much I've improved. :3

Then there was my mom's old silver camera:
Honestly, what was I thinking?

Followed by my dear friend for a very long time, my Canon Powershot:
And most recently, the camera I have dubbed the "love of my life", my Nikon D3100:
 Photography wise, I hope you can see an improvement. ;)

I'm a little afraid to go back and look at my past writing styles, but I can assure you that has changed as well, just through my own personal feelings towards writing.

I've tried many things here, spoken of a lot of empty ideas, and even started A Doll Divided, never to be finished. (It was too stressful to keep up with...ehehe...) But even when blogging has been the very last thing I have wanted to do, I kept coming back. Countless times in the past seven months alone, I have wanted to give up and leave. But I haven't. I don't really know why, blame my weird sentiments, but I can't bring myself to leave this community. Though I've only developed a couple of friendships, the continuous kindness which greets me here is so wonderful. Every time I get a thoughtful comment, it brings a smile to my face even when the last thing I want to do is smile.

Blogging itself is hard. I can't say I love coming up with ideas to post things anymore, nor do I have time to do things like I used to. (Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, you can decide. ;) )
Without all of my readers, each and every one of you, I know that I couldn't have kept this up. I would have given up, I would have put some dolls away and never touched a camera again in my life.
Oh goodness, that would be horrible.

So what exactly is it I'm trying to say here....? Oh yeah.
Thank you. You. The one reading this. Yeah. I could never be who I am without you. These past three years have been an adventure. In real life, and here. I just want to thank you for being here. Reading this. And helping make my adventure just a tad more enjoyable.
I'll never know what my life would be like without you, and I most certainly don't want to know.

 *reminiscently uses first signature*

Dang, there are a lot of doll tags in this one. I've also started the 31 day challenge, so expect to see the first few days soon! :D