Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cool Target Finds

Today I went to Target and Found some really cool doll things.
This is everything I got. The doll shown is Cammrie (#25) and I got the horse, Starlight, in 2004.
I got this as a feed bucket for my horses. I love Hello Kitty so since it was in the cheapo section, I couldn't resist.

I love using these kinds of clips in my dolls hair, and these are really colorful and sparkle slightly in the light.
I love this picture! And this is with no editing! Zilch!

The outfit is Our Generation and is SO gorgeous.

The jeans are like really thin jeans. The outfit came with white socks and plastic purple shoes. The shoes are pretty darn cute considering they're plastic.

The jacket has velcro all the way up and says Green Girl in the heart.

It came with a purse that says Think green, an Earth Friendly journal, Earth Day flyer, and a bag with "tree seeds" (The seeds weren't included.).
The journal is real with lots of little pages.

The outfit with out the jacket. I LOVE the tank top. It will be very versitle.
Well thanks for reading!
P.S. It will be a while before the pics of the trip. But a camping photo story will be up soon!


  1. I followed your blog! I need to get some hair clips for my dolls.

  2. Also, look for ouchless by goody things, espescially ponytail holders! They work great!!!

  3. Ouchless? Are they covered in something? I really like clear elastics.

  4. WOW! Those are really cool finds! I once got mini lunchboxes in that section at Target! :)

  5. Ouchless don't have metal in them. They're just fabric covered elastics.


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