Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Christina! (part 1)

Yesterday, July 27th, was Christina's birthday, and, I had a party!

It was a lovely July morning, July 27th to be exact, and Christina awoke to. . .
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Wow! This is amazing, thank you everybody! The decorations are soo pretty!" a very surprised Christina said.

The floor decorations.

Ceiling decorations.

Happy 11th Birthday Christina sign.
A curtain and part of a cute catalogue page.

"But, there's more where this came from," Nicole said grabbing her cousin by the arm.

"What else is there, Nicole?"

"Molly Ann! You're here!' Christina exclaimed, glad her friend was off the top of the bookshelf for her party.
"Well of course I'm here!" Molly Ann replied.

And with that the girls practically leaped into each other's arms.

So then, everyone was gathered in living room.

"So, how about some breakfast?" Marisol inquired.
"Presents, then breakfast," Christina replied.

So, Samantha Mae, since she was my most recent addition to the gang, got the honors of presenting Christina with her gifts.

Envelope front.
Envelope back. I wrote "American Girl" on the flaps to make it more decorative.

Card front. There's something about kites and dolls that I think go really well together.

Card inside, every body wrote a message, well nearly everybody. I'm kicking myself because I forgot to make the Bitty Twins sign it!

Card back. Nicole signed it there since she is Christina's best friend and cousin.

After the card was read, she dove into the first bag!

"Oooh, matching purses," Christina exclaimed.
"One is for you and one is for Nicole," Cammrie explained.
"I can take mine to AGPC!" Christina remarked.
"Arg, this is a big bag!" said Christina, taking hold of the second bag.

"Aww, a Rescue Pet! And it's black, just like my dogs!"

"What else is there?"

"A Puppy in my Pocket house!"

"And a little dog, with accessories!"

"Thanks for the gifts, you guys, I love them!" Christina thanked, "Now bring on the cake!"

So Marisol carried in the cake.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Christina, happy birthday to-"


So she blew out the "candles" and there was much applause.
"This is great but, cake for breakfast?" she asked, confused.
"Nope," Marisol said as she carried over a cup of Hot Chocolate and a plate of pancakes.

"This is the best birthday ever! I never want it to end!"
Part two coming soon!
P.S. 5 more days!!!!!!!!!

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  1. SOOO COOL!!! I love your photo stories!!! They're the best!!! :)


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