Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Julie!

This is a photo story of Julie's 11th Birthday Party.

Julie and Marisol were busily arranging the table settings before the guests started filing in.

It was Julie's 11th birthday and they were going all out for the party.

Soon the first guests were arriving.

Everyone settled into their seats at the table.

As well as in the Habitat and living room due to a limited number of seats.

Once everyone arrived, the food was passed around. Marisol prepared a delicious turtle pudding.

"Ahem," Julie began, standing on her chair, " I would like to say a few words before we begin. Tomorrow, May 1st, is not just my birthday, but also the birthday of someone notable. Ebi Gruenblatt, who was held prisoner in the Holocaust, was born on May 1st as well. Luckily she survived but others weren't as lucky. Most of you have noticed the butterflies on my birthday banner, they are not just a symbol of nature or beauty, but also of those children like Ebi held in the Holocaust. I would just like you to think about that the next time you see a butterfly."

"Now, let the feast begin!!!!!!"

So, everyone began to eat and chatter the night away.

"See, I'm not saying I don't like Mattel, they've done some good things, like ME for instance, but the retirement of 2 of the Original Three is just too much for me," began Mia, already starting a heated debate.

It was a lovely meal, but nobody noticed Timmy. Not until it was too late, at least.

"Ah!!" shrieked Kirsten, alarmed when Timmy accidentally plowed the bike into her seat.

An angered older cousin named Mia stormed over.

"TIMMY! What did you think you were doing riding through here like that???? You could have really hurt someone, oh wait, YOU DID!!!!" scolded Mia.
"But-" began Timmy.
"I don't care! Go to your bed NOW!!!"

So Timmy went to bed for the rest of the evening.

"Are you alright Kirsten?" a worried Molly asked, helping Kirsten off the floor.
"Yes I'm fine, Molly, really. It just shocked me," Kirsten replied.

So after Kirsten dusted off, the party resumed.

When everyone stuffed themselves to their desire, Marisol came around to collect dishes.

Afterwards Lanie got the honor of presenting Julie with her card.

"Aw, how cute!"

Everyone even signed it on the back.

So, then they cleared out the living room to be prepared for the SLEEPOVER!!!!!

And boy, was it some slumber party.

Alyssa and Kit tried to play checkers, but they ended up chatting more than actually playing.

Marisol, Lanie, and Nicole gathered to play stuffed animals.

And Chrissa, Samantha, and Cammrie played dolls.

Kirsten let Chrissa borrow Mini Josefina, since Mini Kaya was still traveling.
And nearby a close game of dominoes started between Molly Ann, Rebecca, and Mia.

While Emily, Molly, Kirsten, and Christina played dolls and little Emily borrowed some stuffed animals to play with.

And Julie, with oh so lucky Gwen and Sonali, played The Price is Right via my DS.

They all played late into the night.

But finally they all tired out and fell asleep.
Early in the morning everyone awoke.

And Julie got her gifts!

"Ooooh. A box," Julie sarcastically admired.


She received the books "Give the Gift of Green" and "My Life on the Water".

As well as some cute animal stickers.

And a tiny Neopets Kougra figurine.

"Ooooh, look at this adorable skirt!"

"Meet Julie??!!"

"But Mini Julie's owner should have that book!" Julie stated.
"Just wait and see. . . " said a nearby friend.

And Sonali passed her her other present.

Hmmm, what could it be?

Mini Julie!!!

"What? But I already have a Mini!" Julie complained.
"Julie, we couldn't think of a better doll to own her, please except this gift," Molly Ann told Julie.
"Well, okay."

Mini Jules and Mini Nellie get acquainted.

"Good bye! Thanks for reading, and. . . "



  1. I SO want a mini doll, but my mom says there's nothing you can do with them, sigh...

  2. I never thought about using a mini doll a s a doll for my dolls. I am so doing that.

  3. I just relized, this post was on my oldest brother's 17th birthday!!! :D



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