Friday, July 23, 2010

Meet the Canidates: Nicole

Hello, this is your favorite canidate, Nicole Smith, with my campain promises! So first, the hot button issue, organization. The room is a mess, everyone knows it, and I would form groups to help clean little parts at a time. So everyone would have their section that they are responsible for and the house would stay cleaner than ever! I also promise to get good locatoins for each shop so that the shop owners are happy. But, unlike a proir canidate, I do not not find a form of currency neccesary, everyone is happy just the way it is. Also, I agree with Molly in some ways, we need a better school system, but only for those that wish to be part of it.

Now, remember your vote counts, so vote today!




  1. I made a form of currency for my dolls last night, tickets! Yes, you know the ones, and on every Friday, the richest doll(Lanie), collects taxes from every store, and keeps it! Now my dolls are having a big debate about how the taxes should go to the dolls who are broke, in other words, Chrissa. Yeah, she blew her stash of 7 tickets on a table and an outfit, also on renting a different table, but that's not important. Lanie is the big, rich maniac, who bought all the stores and requires one third of the stores earnings, or she will close the shop forever! So maybe I agree with Nicole, CURRENCY IS NOT NEEDED AT ALL!!!


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