Friday, July 16, 2010

Moment of the Day: Day 3

Alright. . .This is a picture I took the day I got Lanie's Garden Outfit. I wanted to take some pictures of it, so I made a photo story of Lanie and Gwen walking Lulu, Sprocket, Coconut, and my other Coconut called Coco. Coco got loose and they were chasing him, but Lanie fell and this is a picture of him coming to see if they're alright. I just love this picture:). It's so sweet and really shows what a loving dog Coco is.



P.S. When I was talking about Coco I wrote "him" I did that because since Coconut was originally released as a boy, one of mine is a girl and one is a boy.


  1. Oooh. This is my tenth post!!!

  2. I have not figured out what else I should post on my blog... I'm going to LA!!!! I will take pics of american girl place and email them to you, if you want to post them on your blog...

  3. HELLO?! ARE YOU GOING TO RESPOND?! Oh! I almost forgot! My blog is now also about American Girl dolls!

  4. Yes I will post them!!! Are you going in the store?

  5. Yes! As I told you earlier today... I might also get a bottle of tar... but oh well. Sorry about being so pushy before. I just wanted to read your response. Also, I was having a mood swing...


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