Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Design and Whats up with Christina

You may have noticed the new design. The hearts just weren't working for me. I really like the new colors. BUT the paw prints aren't related to dolls.

So I decided that Christina will have her surgery. It will be frightening, but she needs it if she's coming on the trip. Also I was very disappointed when I only got one comment on that post, I would appreciate if more people commented.

Ya know how I said that when I got #38 I wouldn't play on Innerstar U? Well, right now I'm trying the free version, and it's pretty cool. I'm still getting #38 because I love the doll, but, even though it's a lame scam, I'll probably put her on Innerstar U! I know, I'm going back on my word, but hey, anyone else that got a new MAG would put her on, too.



P.S. That is a picture of my Toy Poodle, Kimi.


  1. I think you are seriously helping Christina, and I also think innerstarU is cool, but I'm kinda bored with it. My computer wouldn't load it yesterday, so I can't say for sure if I will go on it again. I like the concept, but I agree with your earlier post. Get the doll because you want the doll, not just so you can play on innerstarU.

  2. 38 is so beautiful! What are you going to name her?

  3. I'm going to name her Gwendoln March Sieanna, but call her Dodo since I alredy have a Gwen.


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