Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Results are In!

That's right, the election is over and the results are in!

Kit counting the votes.
So first I will give the candidate's name, then the amount of votes she got from my dolls, and finally the votes she got in the online poll.
Molly............. 7 -3
So, in 4th we have Nicole with 9 votes, in 3rd Molly with 10 votes, in 2nd Marisol with 11 votes, and the new mayor is.......................... CHRISSA with 12 votes! Thank you to everyone that voted in the election! All of the candidates were great and all were well deserving, but I'm sure that everyone is happy with the new mayor! This is were my part ends.
Hello! It's Chrissa, the new mayor of Dollville. First of all thank you everyone that voted, every vote counts! It is such an honor to be the new mayor of our town, all of the candidates were fit for the job, so I am extremely thankful to have gotten this position! As my first action as mayor, I am creating a form of currency, so it will be a better, more organized doll civilization. Also, I will appoint Molly, who's idea this was, as head of our committee which will help with decisions like what to do with extra space, or how to organize something. Now that I am Mayor, I will be posting certain things, so I'll see you soon!!
Chrissa and Phoebe

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