Monday, August 2, 2010


So, I recently got back from Chicago, here's my pics.
Store front from across the street.

Again, store front from across the street.

This old Church or building nearby that my mom really liked.

Christina in front of a big star in the front of the bookstore.

Julie books. I had to take this since I love Jules so much!

Molly books. Again, I really like Molly. I found it odd that every one, except the retired ones, BUT Kaya had a doll of them in the bookstore. Those jerks.

This was such a cute display! I love the little goat, just precious!

All the minis. I accidentally cut off Molly and Emily. I have all the the minis, not to be bragging, but I wanted each one so I would at least have a pint sized version of each historical.

The big storage cabinet. Some one was messing with the dolls. Kit is wearing a Beckie hat and later Ruthie was also wearing one, and I noticed that Kit was wearing Ruthie's socks and Ruthie was wearing Molly's socks! Kit doesn't even wear socks!

Pretty Lissie and Lizzie in their PJ's, I just adore Elizabeth's night shift!

Felicity's Peek into the Past window.

The Colonial stable set.

Kaya and her animals. The deer is a lot bigger than I thought!

Lissie's bed. This is a really nice bed! Unfortunately the Lissie in it looked a little rough.

More Felicity, in her big window.

Addy's PITP window.

Josefina in her nightgown. That item is really nice! It's heavier than I thought and has faint lines on it.

Addy's window.

Josefina's PITP window.

Molly and Emily with Molly's Birthday treats and Table (Bennet and Yank tagged along, too.).

One of Julie's PITP windows of Gladrags, her mom's shop.

Some more Julie displays.

Josefina and her trunk.

Josefina's window.

One of Julie's main display windows.

Julie's other display window.

Jules on her bed, I found in odd that her blanket was missing.

Julie's other PITP window of her room.

Every doll that goes to an AG Place has to get their picture with the tree house, so here's Christina and the tree house. Kit was hiding up inside in her adorable yellow dress.

One of Kit's PITP windows. This has to be my personal favorite.

The washday set and cook stove. The little drying rack and jars of preserves were just adorable.

One of Kit's main windows.

Her mini newspaper, so cute!

Her other window.

I love the little phone!

Kit's other PITP window.

Molly as a hula girl.

Molly at camp.

Molly's main display window.

Molly's PITP winow.

Kaya's PITP window, this one was really neat!
Kaya's main display.

Beckie's main display.

Doll sized pickles! Me want.

Rebecca's PITP window. I thought it was odd "Your a Grand Old Flag" wasn't on the phonagraph, because that's her "song".

Some store exclusives.

A really bad picture of more store exclusives.

The Store Exclusive PJs.

A random pic of shoes.

23 in a Store Exclusive dress.

Even more SEs.

I just loved the little pet set!

The Cafe chair and mug.

39 and 38 in some SEs.

Some other SEs.

Bitty Baby!

The box was so neat!

I love that set!

So cute!

The table and some cute Bitty Twins.

This little angel was just too precious!

This dress is really nice, though the shoes look troublesome.

Favorite Bitty Baby outfit EVER!!

I love this dress!

Such a cute little sleeper!

All the Bitty Twins.

This dress is cute, but the shoes are just ugly.

All the GOTYs. Except Gwen and Sonali weren't there.

The new tee and jacket. I love the jacket!

Some MAGs and pets. The Coconuts at the store look so different from mine!

The new Lanie outfit.

The Hammok.

23 and the Flute.

Someone playing the Violin.

A sports display.

The cute PJs and Ginger in the pet bed.

A doll that my friend has and Coconut in the Pet show outfit.

2nd favorite display ever.

44 aka "Maude" walking a CAT in the RAIN! But, even thought it's extremely odd, I love this display!

More girls and pets.

One of the MAG cases.

This girl is addorable!

A picture of the softball set set for my non-dollish Softball-playing friend.

A cute horse set up.

A new outfit, I love those shoes!

The other MAG case.

The 2 in 1 Swim Set. There is a design on the flipflops, little flowers!

The new Engligh riding outfit.

Maude as a cat with someone in the angel coustume. The angel dress is really nice, it's a shame that the wings are sewn on.

A feista.

Shoes! So cute, lol!

The new braces and nail polish sets.

All the Hair Salon styles.

The Hair Salon. No doll of mine went their, why pay $20 for a style I could do myself?

3 words: Favorite display EVER!

Whadda ya know, Store Exclusives!

Christina and some Lanies.

Christina in a cute grass setup.

Christina again.

In the Cafe.

The lights.

Some decorations.

A little Wateringcan on the table. I loved these!

I got the Baked Mac and Cheese, it was good, the fruit kabobs were so cool!

How cute!

The lonesome dolls awaiting a friend.

On the way back we saw some Wind Turbines. Woohoo!

Out the window.

They were BIG! They went for about 17 miles down the interstate.
Well, I had a great time and I'll put pics of what I got and Innerstar U up soon!


  1. OH MY JELLY!!! I just realized we went to AG Place on the EXACT SAME DAY!!! Except I was in the Los Angeles one. I got the hair in store only acesseries, but my Dad cheated! He only gave me $20 dollars at the store, and later he said I could have gotten OTHER things at the store! He's cheaper than the bank in the Great DEPPRESION! Oh well. I'm beat after a twelve hour drive home today. I came home about 20 minutes ago.


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