Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Christina! (part 2)

Sorry I didn't put this up sooner, I forgot! Click here to see part 1.

Later, Christina and Kit went out for a little picnic on the porch.
They even brought their minis!
A lovely portrait of the birthday girl.
Pretty Kit. She looks so cute in the natural light!
I took some "nature" pics while they ate:). A lovely flower.
Cutie Tomato (Which is a fruit.).
After they ate they got a photo shoot! Chrissie's eyes look so lovely with this plant!
Leaning on a pot.
Sniffing a flower.
"Look, it's my favorite color!"
Next was Kit. That vine in my yard was HUGE!
Sitting on a rail.
Lovely red blooms.
My best Kit pic! She is laying on the hand rail!
A lovely group pic.
Of course the minis got one, too:).
After all that hard work they relaxed with some Ice Cream. Strawberry for Christina, Vanilla for Kit.
Later that night Christina got in some cozy clothes, snuggled with some little guys, and watched the series premiere of Master Chef.
From left to right: Karcy, Addy, and Catsnip.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wait, are the ice creams the cheap marshmallow kind? And I like the portraits of Kit and Christina!!! :)


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