Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

Hey everyone, Happy Friday the Thirteenth! This morning when I was trying to clean my room, I suddenly remembered it was Friday, August 13, 2010! So to celebrate, I decided to do a Friday the Thirteenth post! I'd never seen one before, so I thought I might be able to start a new trend!

None of my dolls are very superstitious, but who can resist a picture of Julie stepping over a sidewalk crack? I searched for superstitions and found this cool website with a bunch of bad luck ones. Here's a few good ones:
~Friday the Thirteenth
~An owl hooting 3 times
~Looking at the new moon over your left shoulder
~5-leaf clover
~Singing before breakfast
~Cutting your nails on Friday
~To upset pepper(Not the Husky, either.)
I'm not really superstitious, either, so most of these just made me laugh!
Here's the link to the website where I found these.
So remember, keep your lucky rabbit's foot today! Also, don't cut your nails.



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  1. I don't have a rabbit's foot, and never want one, I used to have a rabbit before we got Nibbler, so it just creeps me out! And, I already cut my nails today... Oh! I almost forgot! I love your virtual blog pets! I wanted the hamster one, but my computor wouldn't let me!


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