Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am as Mad as you can Imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven't already heard, FELICITY IS GOING TO BE RETIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Warning, the rest of this post may have some feelings in it that no one should take offensively, I'm just really upset.)

I HATE American Girl!!!!!!!! I already wanted Lissie and Lizzie this year, and now that they're being retired, I have a smaller chance of getting them. This is just disgraceful to this amazing country. The two of them came from the MOST important time of our country, so retiring them is like saying, "Oh, we don't care about this country, or what those people a couple hundred years a ago did for us to have the rights we do today. All we care about is cash." Well, I'll tell you something, AG, that's NOT the company I love. To me, this isn't just about some of the most amazing dolls ever, but also about what those dolls stood for. Our freedom in this country. I will NEVER forgive AG for this. I always liked Felicity, I wanted her in 2005, but got Marisol instead. Do I regret that? No, Marisol is wonderful, but I wish I decided on a Lissie a while ago. Now I feel as if I let her down.

A Very Upset Doll Lover,



  1. I have the exact same feelings. I won't forgive AG, but I won't boycott them. I'd probably go into insanity if I did.

  2. I agree, Phoebe. I tried to do a post from Lissie and Lizzie yesterday, but Blogger was being stupid abd said: Autosave failed, and ERROR. I am so PO'D! AG doesn't seem to care about America, who will replace them? Rebecca replaced Samantha, Addy was there for Kirsten, and Kaya's too different for Felicity and Elizabeth. When I told Felicity and Elizabeth the news, they freaked out and wanted to check on the computor, so I let them. They found out it was true, fainted on the spot, and I had to drag them back to their home upstairs.

  3. thanks! and ya I think Julie's just over reacting too! I can see how she's sad about this but still she didnt have to yell at me like she did. and she's still not talking to me or brittany (mom/owner) and I tried explaining to her that were not going to be retiring anytime soon. but she wont listen!!



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