Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Julie & Cammrie as Yue & Azula

After reading that title most of you will probably think, Okay, in English please? Well, I can explain. About a week ago my family went to see The Last Airbender movie which is *based* off of the first book of three books in Nickelodeon's TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

So, here is Cammrie as Azula and Julie as Yue. Both of them are, or rather were, princesses.
Azula is the daughter of Firelord Ozia and is very evil (but kinda cool), and Yue is the princess of the Northern Water Tribes.
Azula, well Cammrie, close up.
Yue (Julie) close up.
My Azula costume was really bad, the hair was really great, though.
How cute! And evil. . .
I'm not going to go very deep into the whole storyline and all that (Even though I could.) but there will be a link to the main Avatar page at the bottom of this post for those that are interested.
Ah, yes, Yue! My costume was amazing and I love this hairstyle!
Yue has a very interesting story. So, she was part of the Moon spirit because it gave her life as a child, so when this evil jerk killed the Moon spirit, Yue sacrificed herself for it.
Now you can see the top of her hair.
Cammrie conquering Jules.
Hey, that isn't very nice!
Now vice versa.
"HAHAHA!!! Now I have defeated you!" ~Jules
"Julie, get off Cammrie!"~Me
It's a real shame that Yue dies. She was only in 2 or 3 episodes.
"I DIE??"~Julie~"How can I die?? I am WAY to cool!"
"HA!!"~Cammrie~"I don't die!"
"True, but you do go crazy in the series finale."~Me
"Aw, COME ON!!!"~Cammrie
Both the girls freaking out about Yue's horrid fate and Azula's well deserving fate. In case you didn't notice, I really liked this show.


  1. I used to watch the show when I was like, 7. I remember Yue, but I stopped watching the show because baldy(Ang)got hair. Lame excuse, I know. I really liked Yue, but I didn't understand her story. All I knew was a white fishy died and came back to life after she died.

  2. Our family wasn't really into Nickelodeon, especially not after the time when about 5 years ago, Taylor and I were repeating bad things from Spongebob, and so we didn't really watch Nickelodeon after that (except we do now, a little).

    I didn't see Avatar (or the one about the creepy blue people, LOL), but I may have to someday.


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