Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Awsome Yard Sale Find

Finally I am posting about the yard sale item! Congratulations to Maddi for correctly guessing what I got. . .
An AG tub!!
I got the retired 2004 Ultimate Bubble Bath Set at a yard sale for $7! It was marked as $8 but I asked if they would take 7 and they said sure.
It came with this cool tray.
The towel bar and feet.
The drain!! I love the drain! Very doll safe. It has real holes out the bottom so some doll-hating kid can't fill it with water and put a doll in.
The faucet and soap dish. The cold nob has a little peg missing and my "soap" (an eraser) won't fit in the soap dish so I use it for those dolls that wear jewelery and like baths:).
Full view. It was really gross and dirty when I got it, so me and my mom cleaned it off and "doll proofed" it. There were a couple of spiders on it, eww.
It also came with the bubbles, 12 in all. 6 little, 6 big.
Sam was my model. I used these Our Generation bottle type things as shampoo and bubble bath. Sam has an AG Mag in her hand and you can see my eraser soap in this pic. It's scented:).
Full view of doll bathroom. I used a hand towel as a bathmat and Julie's towel and a washcloth as towels. The pink one is a washcloth of mine that has a P on it. If anyone is interested in my doll bathroom, just comment and I'll do a post on the sink and all that.
P.S. This yard sale find is great, but in no way compares to my greatest yard sale find ever, Samantha Mae:).


  1. So awesome!!! I love garage sale finds!!

  2. I am intersted in your dolls bathroom! I am trying to make one now and i need some ideas

  3. You're very inspiring, Phoebe, you inspired me to make my not-very-up-to-date-blog. sniff, sniff... :)


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