Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Doll Bathroom

A few days ago I asked if anyone would like to see my doll bathroom, and someone replied, so here is my doll bathroom.

An overview. It's on a table in my doll room and it shares the table with the kitchen, so that's why Marisol is standing over there.
So, first is the tub. I used an AG tub I got at a yard sale, but if you don't have one you can use the bottom of a doll box.
So, as Bubble Bath and Shampoo bottles I used little OG ones, but you could use a mini bottle of hand sanitizer, that's empty, rip off the label and write "Bubble Bath" and "Shampoo" on them.
For soap I used a formerly smelly eraser. It's square like soap and is really close to the right size for a doll.
With Gwendolyn for size comparison.
As a bathmat I used a human sized hand towel with a cute horse named Willy on it.
For doll towels I used Julie's towel and a washcloth. You can use any AG towel or just a washcloth if you don't have any.
My sink!
For an actual sink I used a small flower pot.
For the faucet I just drew one on paper, cut it out, and taped it to the flower pot. The pot isn't really dirty, that's just it's coloring.
To decorate it, I used flower Post-Its, but if you don't have decorative Post-Its, you can cut out a shape and tape it to the pot.
For toiletries I used little OG accessories.
I also have doll floss. I just used the mini human floss you get when you go to the dentist.
For a mirror I used the mirror from the Doll Crafts book.
I made some "art" by cutting a sheet of colored paper in half and drawing a cute picture and saying on it.
Bye! Hope this gave you some good ideas!




  1. TOO cute! The sink is just like my favorite kind, a raised sink!(Even though it may sound weird that I have a favorite type of sink) I wish I had a doll bathtub; oh wait! I can use an empty cardboard box! Thanx for the ideas, Phoebe!!! :)

  2. Thanks soooooo much!! Now i have a TON of ideas :)

  3. WOW! You have an awesome doll bathroom! You are so creative! I also have the blue OG accessories! They really come in handy! Thanks for all the GREAT ideas! :)


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