Sunday, August 15, 2010

Official 2010 Pajama Swap!

Last month my dolls had a Pajama swap, I completely forgot I did this, so that's why it's so late.

It was a cloudy day and everyone gathered round for the first official Pajama Swap.
Mia and Cammrie explained what it was earlier, so on the count of three Mia shouted. . .

And everyone dashed off, eager to get their desired pajamas. It lasted for a few minutes, but when everyone was satisfied, the trade stopped. Molly Ann, Kirsten, and The Bitty Twins didn't trade, though.
So, Mia started with her Pj's and ended with the 2009 Holiday Pajamas.
Cammrie started with some silky pink Pj's and ended with the makeshift ones.
Nicole started with the '09 Pj's and ended with some handmade ones with booties on them.
Christina started with a hand made floral nightgown and ended with my very first pair of Pj's for dolls.
Rebecca didn't trade, she stuck with her Pj's.
Alyssa started with some hand made Pj's with booties on them and ended with some OG pajamas.
Lanie started with her nightgown and ended with Chrissa's.
Marisol started with my first pair of Pj's and ended with a hand made floral night gown.
Samantha started with her nightgown and ended with Nellie's Pj's.
Molly started with the '06 Holiday PJ's and ended with some pink silky ones.
Chrissa started with hers and ended with a handmade blue floral nightgown.
Samantha Mae started with the makeshift Pj's and ended with her nightgown.
Emily started with a lilac fleece nightgown and ended with a white one from Micheal's.
Sonali started with the OG Pj's and ended with Lanie's nightgown.

Julie started with Nellie's Pj's and ended with the '06 Holiday Pj's.
Kit started with a blue floral nightgown and ends with a lilac fleece one.
Last but not least Gwen started with a nightgown from Micheal's and ended with Mia's Pj's.

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  1. I personally, would have not swapped if I were Lanie.


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