Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Outdoor Adventure!

Yesterday I realized that a few days ago I realized that I never took Julie's bike outside! So she and Alyssa went out for a mini story.
First the girls wanted to play on the porch.
Julie had a great time, being in the great outdoors, riding her bike, and being with a friend.
Alyssa, however, couldn't get the hang of riding on anything but carpet at first. Eventually she got the hang of it, though.
Julie was being a daredevil and riding on the railing!
Alyssa got the hang of it and did some cool spin tricks.
They tried to ride off the porch. . .
But I caught them.
Well, one of them at least!!
*Bonus Pic* Alyssa's skateboard is really just a Build-A-Bear one. It has a Pegasus on the bottom! LOL!!


  1. Those pictures are SO adorable!! :D I love them and the lighting! :) I also love Julie's bike, I wish I had it!


  2. That photo story is SOOO CUTE!!! Please friend me on innerstarU. I got the highest score in Pet Palooza! You should get on sometime, I can't friend you because it says you don't exsist. I tried, though.


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