Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Post by Gwendolyn!

Hey everybody! Phoebe's newest doll Gwendolyn, that's me, is getting to do a post. This is so cool! Why? Well 'cause I am typing this on Phoebe's email! I know, cool, huh?
Well, let's talk turkey. The currency went into affect yesterday. Some aren't too happy about it. It just complicates things. Now whenever you go to The Wicker Suitcase, or Sacs et Chapauex, you always have to pay! And the worst thing? There aren't enough ones! Everything is $1 in town, and not everybody has a 1, so they would have to get change, but the thing is is that we don't have enough ones in the change either! It's just a mess, so now unless you have a one, no one can buy anything! Arg. Well other than that I'm settling just fine, I still haven't found a best friend, but everyone is being really nice to me.
(With help from Phoebe)

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  1. My currency isn't working out too well either. Lanie became rich, Chrissa became broke, and now Lanie is a dictator who owns the town, and everyone in it. So I just decided to take away the money system. Now, if you want clothes, take the oufit you are going to wear from the store, throw the oufit you were wearing when you came in into the laundry basket, and let the Charmin bears do the laundry. Everything else is free! The furniture store, is going out of business, though. Gwen can't stand having to bunk with Kirsten anymore. Oh, and she's sold out of tables, so there's nothing she can sell. Otherwise, it's a wonderful system, and I highly reccomend similar systems! Please visit my blog with the post entitled: Money. :)


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