Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank You Followers!

Thank you to all of my followers! Wow, 12? If you follow and have a blog, I will follow you, if you have a blog and I am not a follower, I don't know that you have it, so please comment and say that you do. So, I got back from Chicago recently, and I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous #38! She is so cute! Yesterday I put her onto Innerstar U. My Username is Gwendolyn6, so friend me if you have an account, too!



P.S. Just a shout out to my followers: Rebecca, Sunny, princesclaire1000, Miranda, American Girl Fan Club By Skylar, ~Quinlyn~, Anne, Maddi, Lisa, Miranda, american girl fan, and jeriberry99.


  1. you welcome. Yay!! I'm Rebecca! lol

  2. I like 38, and I'm glad you have her, every time we talk, you mention her, and it made me sad that you didn't have her yet. But now ya do! :)


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