Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Town Re-naming Ceremony

Yesterday my dolls had a special ceremony celebrating their town's new name, Creekwater.
Everyone gathered round.
From the left doorway.
Lovely Chrissa, the mayor, holding the scissors in preparation for cutting the ribbon.
Cutting the ribbon. . .
How suspenseful!
Almost got it. . .
Jeez, how long is this going to take??
It's cut!
The town is officially Creekwater!!
It was a very special moment.
Everyone stood silently a moment, taking it all in.
But then they erupted in cheers!!
Cheering crowds. . .
And more cheering crowds.
Taking down the ribbon.
Chrissa carefully pulled the ribbon down. . .
So that she and the town mascot, Marty the chicken, could proudly set up a patriotic display.
How lovely!
And, the crowd erupted into cheers again.
Chrissa and Marty bowing to their wonderful townspeople.
After that everyone posed for some group pics.



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  1. I LOVE IT!!! I don't remember which name I voted for, though...


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