Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I Got at AGPC

So, as promised, here is what I got at AGPC.First is, MY NEW DOLL!!! She is a number 38 named Gwendolyn March Sieanna. She loves dogs, the colors lilac and baby blue, as well as shoes!
Close up.

The box has 38 written on it as well as a pic of the online Gwendolyn.

The outfit. The necklace is awesome! It's adjustable, so you can change the length of it.

I also got the short SE Pj's, Rebecca is modeling them, but they're really Gwendolyn's.

Marisol is wearing her new Chicago shirt it has "American Girl Place Chicago" written on it with a big, pink, glittery star.

And I got my favorite new release, the blue jacket! It is so adorable!

The back, which has a big star on it.

And here is Mia wearing the tee I made at the Creativi-tees place in the store. It says "Show Your True Colors". She also has on the chucks, belt, charm, watch, and hair ties, from the Doll Souvenir Set. The box, the one next to Mia, says "Chicago Michigan Ave", "Los Angeles The Grove", and "New York Fifth Ave" on the sides. The bag she has came with the tee and the flowers are from the cafe.
Tee shirt close up.

Belt, charm, and watch close up.

Chuck close up.

Gwen is wearing an SE jacket as well as an SE skirt and the socks from the Doll Souvenir Accessories. The hair bows are the napkin rings from the Cafe.

Back of jacket and skirt.

The big bag that I got has the names of the 3 AG Places (Not the B+Bs).

With Gwen for size comparison.

My parents got me this Chicago doll shirt.

As well as one for me.

They also got me the other SE Pj's.

These are the Star Clips from the Doll Souvenir Accessories Set.
Well, thanks for reading!


  1. Nice post! Thanks for commenting on The Dolls And Their Thoughts blog! We love comments! (by Zoey)

  2. Awesome!! I wish I had All of it!

  3. WOW! Gwendolyn is beautiful! She is also very cute! The chucks are adorable! I love all of your new stuff! Thanks for commenting on American Girl Friends!

  4. I got the store exclusive hair thingys too!!! Mine were the rainbow set and the blue set. they look great on 38!!! :)

  5. Well, I meant #41, but I bet they look good on #38, too. Or any doll, for that matter.


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