Monday, August 23, 2010

Wii Remotes!!!

Yep. The other day my mom went to Walgreen's and got me a doll Wii remote!!! Well, it's really a candy dispenser. Here it is in the package. They also had a black one, but my my Wii is white.
Out of the package. The B button on the back really presses down, but it's really difficult.
Gwendolyn with it for size comparison.
"I was just, uh, storing the candy."~Gwendolyn
"Sure you were."~Me
These pictures were taken in my dolls dining room. So since you haven't seen their house, I took a pic of Gwendolyn in it. My dad made the tables for me:).
Here it is with my Wii remote for a comparison (Note, mine has the motion sensor on it, I can take it off, but it's easier to leave it on all the time.). Every little detail is accurate, even the Nintendo symbol on the back!
This is a pic of Gwendolyn cycling on Wii Fit Plus. Go, Dodo, go!

P.S. How do ya like my new background? I got it off of Shabby Blogs!


  1. That Wii remote is so cute and your background is really cool. I love Shabby Blogs!

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