Monday, August 23, 2010

You'll Never Believe What I Just Found!

Seriously, you won't believe this!!! Just a few minutes ago, I was cleaning my doll classroom because I think my dolls are going to go to school, and first I organized my AG books. I put them in chronological order, and so I was slipping my "new" Kailey book into it's spot between Marisol's and Lindsey's books and I noticed the name of the author of Lindsey's book. Her last name is Atkinson, and I didn't know what her first name was, so I pulled it out and checked. Her name is Chryssa!!!!!!! Chryssa Atkinson wrote Lindsey's book! So I thought, "Oh my gosh! AG must have named GOTY 2009 after her!!!!". So, my theory is that Chrissa got her name from Ms. Atkinson!!! How cool is that???
This reminds me, the other day I went to a Half Price Books and saw the Girls of Many Lands books (I got Spring Pearl's) and found that the author of Cecile's book, Mary Casanova, wrote another AG book! Guess who's? Chrissa's books! Chrissa really has some neat stuff about her.
So, what do you think? Do you think AG really named a doll after one of their authors?



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  1. I think its a coincidence but anything is possible. If they wanted to honor Chryssa Atkinson, they should have named Chrissa Chryssa Atkinson not Chrissa Maxwell. That's a great observation, I'm starting to wonder too!


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