Friday, September 10, 2010

Farewell, Felicity!

Recently the gang had a party to say a farewell to Felicity and Elizabeth. Chrissa, the Mayor, said a few words about what those dolls meant as a symbol of our freedom in this country the me and my dolls love so much.
The sign and display.
The sign says "Donate a dollar to give AG a piece of our minds!" in other words, my dolls had a "fundraiser" to send a very aggravated email to AG.
Chrissa putting the first donation in, signifying the start of the party.
Party overview. It was an ice cream social, yum :).
The long table.
From a Budgie's eye view.
Short table.
Short table from a Budgie's eye view.
The collection basket.
A better shot of the sign.
The funds! They raised a lot, over 300 dolly dollars! And 37 cents that Marisol stole from my wallet. I will send the email later this weekend.


  1. Mehehe, I like your dolls thinkin'!!! :)

  2. Well, Chrissa must be happy about $300 in dolly dollars. Marisol sounds a lot like my Adrienne. Stealing some of my money is exactly what she would do.

    And I just LOVE Lanie in Sonali's meet outfit!

  3. WOW I love tha photos I'm new to your blog are all of those your dolls?
    Also I like the sign where it said "Donate A DOLLAR TO Give AG A Piece Of Our Minds" I thought it was funny.


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