Saturday, September 25, 2010

Moment of the Day: Day 8

This is a picture I took of Gwen. I was trying to do the look of the wind blowing her ribbon. It could have been better, but I thought it was okay. Earlier that day I watched a bunch of AGMA videos, so I wanted to give Gwen an AGMA photo shoot. It didn't go to well. But someday I would love to enter AGMA. Do you guys think I have what it takes? Have any of you ever entered before? If so, I'd love to here about it!


Phoebe (Who promises to post more!)


  1. I got in AGMA before, during Season 2. :) It was so much fun, and a great experience. If you have good lighting, your doll is pretty, and you are creative with the themes, you have a good shot of winning. Good luck getting into AGMA! :)


  2. Thanks Quinlyn! This is my 50th post!


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