Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Contest on AGF!

I'm sure that most of my readers are familiar with Liz's site American Girl Fan, well, Liz is having a contest! It's a doll halloween costume contest! Be sure to check it out and enter by clicking the hyperlink above. I am SO going to enter as soon as I get permission! I have lots of good ideas! Especially a good one for Samantha that Liz will like! But, my lips are sealed. The deadline is next Monday, October 18th. And, that's not it, the winner of the contest gets a Coin Purse Sewing Kit from AGs craft line!!! I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!! Not only a cool contest, but if you win, you get a prize mailed to you from the one and only LIZ!!! AHHHH!!!! SOOO COOL!! Well, I need to get started on my homework.




  1. ok well I saw the comment that you left on my chat box and just in case you didnt get it or stuff like that I'll copy it onto here.
    this is the instructions:

    well do you see where the help, smilies, and then there's cbox button. click the cbox button and you'll go to the website and then u just follow the instrustions from there


  2. Hi Phoebe!

    I love your blog! That was a great post! Thanks for posting about the Photo Contest! I can't wait to see your doll costume picture!!

    Have a great day! :)



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