Monday, October 25, 2010

Moment of the Day: Day 10

I know that the time is noon, but I scheduled this post, so no skipping school has happened.
This is one of my early group pictures, taken around September 2009. I know, just about a year ago, but for me that is early because my photo skills were, and still are, developing. My newest doll at the time was lovely Alyssa. And, since I have no clue what to write, I'll tell you Alyssa's back story. So a little over a year ago, I read on Doll Diaries that American Girl would be retiring some dolls, and Alyssa, #21, was one of those to be retired. But, naturally, she is still available on AGs website today. So, I looked up who was who and discovered my love for lovely 'Lyssa. It was an extremely hard decision, but finally I ordered her. Even though it was hard, it was BY FAR one of my best decisions in relation to the dollish world. Alyssa is definitely one of, if not the, favorites of my dolls.

Phoebe (Who is in Language Arts)


  1. Is Alyssa in the back, or the one next to Mia? All your dolls are really cute. :) Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, by the way. :)

  2. Cool Phoebe! I really appreciate all the lovely comments you leave on my blog! (Aisha says the same!)
    Thank You very much! Your blog is wonderful!


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