Saturday, October 2, 2010

Send Me Your Pics

Hey! Today I'm going to put a new page up! It is called "Readers of LTD" and is where my beloved readers can send in pics of their dolls. So, basically, all you need is a picture of at least one of your dolls. You can email it to me along with your name or nickname (And if you use your name and your account name is different, please say so.) and the name(s) of your doll(s). My email address is on the page and I will put it on the bottom of this post, too. I will not keep your email address or use it unless you would like me to reply. If you do, I will, I just need to know. Anyone is welcome to put their picture in, you don't have to be a follower. I always hated it when, before I had a blogger account, people would only mention their followers and not silent readers, so any silent readers that I may have, you are also very much welcome in the gallery! I hope to be seeing pictures soon!
My email address (Casual emails are fine, too.):



P.S. Don't read my page "My Doll World" yet, I still need to update it. But all other pages are updated.

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