Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hey everybody!! Today I have a question for all you peepsles readin'. Hopefully, all of you are familiar with the BIG holiday catalogues AG sends out around this time of the year? If not, the catalogues are a little larger (a little taller), and they have every historical in it, one double page spread EVEN for Josefina, Addy, and 2 years ago Kaya even got 2. They have even more things in them than normal catalogues.
So, my question is, have you gotten one this year? I have not and I am very disappointed. Earlier this week my mom called AG and tried to request one, but the person from AG (lucky. . . ) didn't think we could get one. She even said she didn't get one!! And she works for American Girl themselves, for Pete's sake!! So again, have any of you gotten one? If none of my wonderful, well deserving readers have not, then my theory is that they decided to save money and not make one this year.


An Aggravated Phoebe


  1. Actually, they did make one. I got mine in the mail about three weeks ago, but that's odd that you didn't get one. I could do a Picasa album on it if you like! (Well, I have to figure Picasa out first, but I'm sure it could work.)

  2. I got my big one a few weeks ago. I also got a different one that is regular sized yesterday. Sorry you didn't get yours. :(

  3. I got one like early this month plus a smaller one already.Thats wierd.But still,they need to make more things for Josefina,Kaya and Addy.I feel bad for them, having the least that they have!!

  4. No, I haven't got one yet either phoebe!
    I'm kind of sad about that too - I love the big catalogues!

  5. We got one at our house, but it came about a month ago. We just got the smaller sized catalog yesterday. So it was made...I'm not sure why we got one when others didn't, though.

  6. I have not gotten one either. AG doesn't like to send any catalogs to my house. It's quite sad.


  7. Actually, I got one, AND it's sitting next to my computor! Oh, and Phobe, Josefina and Kaya are shairng a two page spread, that means each one only gets one side of a page!(New Meico wasn't even a state during Josefina's time, so I don't think she should be called an American Girl doll...)


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