Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cute Finds!

Today I didn't have school due to the election today. So today I found some really cute doll sized things.
I got the nightgown Emily is wearing, as well as the lunchbox today. The beanbags I got a few weeks ago.
I got this adorable nightgown at Old Navy. It is really a Halloween T-shirt for a 6 to 12 month old, but it is a super cute doll nightgown, after you roll the sleeves up, of course.
The sleeves are WAY to long, as you can tell by this picture.
A close up of the cute graphic. If AG had a nightgown similar to this, it would be priced around $20-24, but I got this for $2.97! Plus, AG's wouldn't have only the cutest cartoon kitty ever, Hello Kitty!
I also got this lunchbox at Old Navy. And, it also has the cutest cartoon kitty ever on it. My idea for this was making it a suitcase for my dolls when they come with me over holidays.
The design on the side. I'm sorry it's kind of blurry, but it has Hello Kitty and rainbows on it. I seriously want a doll blanket that has this print! TOO CUTE!!
Emily and the lunchbox for a size comparison.
These beanbags I got at Wall Mart. Apparently, Wall Mart now has a line of 18" dolls, too. The are called Friends Boutique and are by Madame Alexander. They had 3 colors: purple, orange, and pink. They were only $5 each, too!
Emily trying one out. They are a little small, but still super cute.
I will have my Dolloween pictures up this weekend, so stay tuned. Also, I think I will start a poll on the right side margin for which doll to take with me over Thanksgiving.


  1. omg! i love hello kitty!! also i have a pink beanbag in my room that i got at walmart

  2. Hey phoebe!!
    Thanks so much for putting me on you blog list!
    I'm following you :)



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