Monday, November 15, 2010


Yup, as promised this is my wish list this year. Before you get shocked at all this, this is literally the only stuff I want this Christmas, and my birthday is near Christmas, too (December 20). So this is my birthday/Christmas list.

-Felicity doll

-Felicity accessories

-Elizabeth doll

-Elizabeth's accessories

-Felicity's riding outfit

-Elizabeth's riding outfit

-Felicity's blue holiday dress

-Felicity's gala gown

-Elizabeth's holiday outfit

-Felicity's tea gown

-Elizabeth's tea gown

-Felicity's cloak

-Felicity's night shift

-Elizabeth's night shift

-Patriot the foal

-Ruby Ribbon dress (Holiday '10 dress)

-Ruby Ribbon accessories

-Snowflake ballgown

-Snowflake PJ's

~Also if another doll could be added she would be #40 (Lucy) and also the two tone glasses~

So that's mine! What AG things do you want?




  1. So basically Felicity's collection?
    lol that's so much!! but it's always nice to dream :)
    I'm also getting fel for xmas!
    Here's my list :)
    -Fel & accessories
    -Fel's riding outfit
    -Fel's gala gown
    -Lanie's nature outfit
    And that's it! but I'm only getting the first 2 things on my list :)
    I love the header Phoebe!!!


    Ps. Do you live near any AGP's? Just wonderin :)

  2. I think #40 would make a perfect Lucy. But where would I put #40 on my wishlist...hmm...I'll have to think about that one!

    I just love your new layout and your wishlist! I love how Cammrie and Mia are playing with minis Kirsten and Emily. Those kinds of moments are the ones where I don't regret being a doll lover at all. :)


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