Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Goodbye, farewell, vaarwell, au revoir, arrivederci. Time goes so quickly. :( It seems like 2010 just started and it's all ready gone! Well, I am going to list 10 of the most note able dollish things to happen in 2010. Starting with a girly people love.

1. Lanie Holland
GOTY 2010, Lanie will hold a special place in the AG archives, and in many homes. Lanie had a strong message about loving the planet we live on and the animals we live with, and this will be very sad to see AG's second blond Girl Of The Year go.

2. The Archival of Felicity Merriman and Elizabeth Cole
Felicity and Elizabeth, American Girl's Colonial girls, were announced to be retired earlier this year. They were the wonderful dolls that represented the revolutionary time in our country's history. It will be sad to see them go.

3. Innerstar U
AG's new online world, Innerstar U, lets young AG lovers find a safe, fun, online world where you can play games a a favorite MAG.

4. American Girl Place Kansas City
AG opened the newest store in Kansas City! Yay! Now more fans can go and visit only the best store on earth!

5. My American Girls
The Just Like Yous got a new name! Now AG's contemporary dolls are known as My American Girls, or MAG, or even My AG. Along with the new name the dolls also received a new purple meet!

~Note: The last 5 are personal doll happenings~

6. Love That Doll
Yup. Finally, on July 7, 2010, I got my blog! And I love it! Thank you to all my followers, we would be nothing without you!

7. Samantha Mae
In the Spring I was fortunate enough to complete my Original 3 collection by finding a beauty I call Samantha Mae at a yard sale.

8. American Girl Place Chicago/Gwendolyn
On August 1st, I was lucky enough to travel to Chicago and visit the American Girl Place Chicago at Water Tower Place and purchase my lovely Gwendolyn!

9. Sonali and Gwen
Early 2010 I found something rare, Sonali Mathews and Gwen Thompson were still available! So of course I couldn't pass up.

10. All of You!!!
I am very thankful to have all of my 28 followers! And all my comments; when you comment nicely I always enjoy reading them! A special thanks to all 28 of my followers: Carolyn (Sorry, I can't do the symbols!), Azalea Shanghai, Charlotte Dempsey, Gertie1999, beast'sbelle, Elizabeth, Ivy, The Crazy Doll Lady, Julie, American Girl Dolls Rock!!, Emily, AGDollPrincess, American Girl Doll Hairstyles, Rebecca, Sunny, princessclaire1000, Olivia, Miranda, American Girl Fan Club By Skylar, ~Quinlyn~, Anne, Hannah Wright, Caelen12, Claire, jerryberry, Maddi, Lisa, and Miranda.

Goodbye, 2010! The next time i post it will be a new year! ~Note: Those are just a few that I could think of, there are many more.~

PLD (I can't help it!),


P.S. Someone alerted me that I made a few errors on my Pullip info, I apologize and if you notice anything please let me know so I can fix it!


  1. I LOVE following your blog! It's great!
    I also went to the store in Chicago, but that was 2009 :) Isn't it awesome there?


  2. Happy new years Phoebe!
    And to reply to your question on my blog...
    Chrissa had to borrow my tights and boots because she is a total tomboy. I probably should've explained that better :)


  3. Cool! Happy new year, Phoebe! I'm going to miss Lanie a lot, too. Also, what's cool is that you got your blog on my birthday!! :-)

  4. I feel honored to be your first follower, and to know you personally! I always enjoy reading your blog, no matter how I'm feeling. Oh, and I forgot to say happy new years five minutes ago. DANG IT!!! >:(


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