Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I be back!! (With new Girlies!!)

For some reason I want to put 'yar' after that. So today I'm working on putting pics on Picasa. When all of them are up I'll let you know. So to answer some questions, Miranda, I didn't wake up at 5 in the morning, It was a scheduled post. And Charlotte, I'm about to tell you all about my Christmas.

I hope you all had a Merry and joyful Christmas! I did. I have 3 new dolls! And they are Lissie, Lizzie, and Lucy!! Eeeeeeeeeek!! They are gorgeous!! My camera isn't with me so I can't put on pics, but I'll put up some tomorrow. I also got a doll bed, some Lissie and Lizzie outfits, and an amazing bracelet that has charms the spell out "LTD"! Of course my new girlie's are the best.

I'm thinking about changing 'PLD', most of you likely don't even know what it means and I've gotten tired of using it. So, have any of you heard of Liv dolls? Well, they are dolls about the size of Barbies and they have joints and changeable wigs. There are currently 5 different girls. Well, I got one for Christmas! They are pretty much (In my eyes), a cheaper version of Pullips. I can post about Pullips one day if you would like. But I got Hayden! I have the outdoor version and she came with a rabbit and has the prettiest wig. Pics soon!!

Kisses (like?),



  1. WHAT THE HECK ARE PULIPS?!?!?! One more question: which doll bed did you get? Is it American Girl? Wait, that's two questions...

  2. Isn't felicity Just great? Thanks for mentioning me :D (That was me, right?)
    I'm so glad you had a great Christmas! I can't wait for pictures!!!!

    Charlotte :)

  3. Lucy is #40, right? #40 is a cutie. Which doll bed did you get? I got Mia, Felicity's Bed, and Lanie's Nature Outfit. (And congrats on three new dolls for Christmas - that must have been really exciting!)


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