Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry (early) Christmas!!

Did you ever notice how long it takes to check all the blogs you follow? Anyway, today I am going to have my dolls Christmas party. They will exchange gifts and mingle mostly, but 'food' is also served. Alyssa was the last to do her Christmas shopping, last night around 6:30ish. Maybe she can win an award for that. :)

Speaking of Alyssa, I will take her and my birthday present (Adorable...) when my family travels for Christmas. Alyssa's packing choice will be scary, it can be described in one word: Pink. Well, maybe not scary, but bright.

So, I bet your wondering what my present is that is coming with 'Lyssa? Well, she's a Bitty Baby!! Her name is Bella. I had a Bitty Baby that I got exactly 10 years before my Bella, but she went missing. So Alyssa and Bella are going to travel, two cuties!!

What are your dolls doing for Christmas?




  1. Lily is going to throw a Christmas party! All my dolls with fancy outfits can go, so two CANNOT go. :( Hollie is going with her little sister Gwen, Chrissa is going by herself, Felicity and Elizabeth are going together, and lanie is going early to help her best friend Lily set up! The party will be on Christmas eve, so my dolls can open presents, but not be too late!

  2. Aww, Bella is so cute! Alyssa is too - #21 is one of my favorite JLYs.


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