Friday, December 17, 2010

Moment of the Day: Day 11

I love the number 11.
This is another edited photo I made as my friend Miranda's birthday card. It's really wierd and random. But that was kind of the point. I took this photo at the town re-naming ceremony.

I posted this one todday because today is my birthday party!! My birthday is Monday but today was the last day of school before break so I wanted to have it today.

I am sooo sorry that I haven't been posting! Yesterday and Monday we had Snow Days but I never knew what to post so I never got around to it.




  1. Happy early Birthday! :) Hope you have a great party...and a Merry Christmas, too. :)

  2. Cool!! I did that for my friend but she just thought it was weird :P
    My friends aren't really in to dolls :(
    You're so lucky your school ends today! Mine ends next wednesday! (?)


  3. Hey.I know this is off-topic, but I have just figured something out!
    Have you noticed a pattern about the GOTY dolls?
    Okey.Lindsy was the first doll, then Kaily then Marisol then Jess then Nikki then Mia then Chrissa and now Lanie and Kanani.So this I think is the pattern.Chrissa looks like Lindsy and Lanie looks like Kaily.Now we know Kanani looks "Too Much" like Marisol(at least all their hair colors anyway).So( I will most likely be wrong)I think we might have a doll that looks a liitle like Jess for 2012.Like I said I will most likely be wrong but it is interesting.
    I like your photo!

  4. Yea! I still have that card sitting on my nightstand! I also like your cover picture!!! ;)/:D/:)/:0


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