Saturday, December 18, 2010

Picasa and other things

I hope you have heard of Picasa. It is part of Google like Blogger is, but if you haven't heard of it, it is an online photo sharing place. And, the LTD dolls are now on Picasa!! YAY!! Actually, I created my account a while ago but never posted pictures until recently. My user name is Phoebe and I have my little flower thingy as my icon. Here is the link. I would love to know if you have a Picasa account.

So yesterday (and this morning) I had my party. It was great. Everybody could come and I think people enjoyed it. If you are a fan of my friend, Miranda's, blog, then you have probably heard about the gift she made for me. It's a necklace! It's one of those cool metal loop ones with the beads on it, and its purple, my favorite color!! My friends gave me lots of socks and hair clips, as well as a gift card to a book store and some money (Going to the Kanani-is-so-amazing-we-must-own-her fund.). One friend of mine got me some fishes!! They are two little bitty tanish-white fishes with darker stripes. They still don't have names and I have no clue what their species is!

I've had a great start to my winter break, but I still am in shock at the fact that I don't have to do anything and that I'm done with my super annoying Social Studies project. Have you started break yet?



P.s. I would love name ideas, I have no clue what to call my fishes! I love fishes!!

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  1. Yeah, that project really WAS annoying! Oh, and I was going to get kanini too! She looks kind-of like me, so I wanted her... (akward silence...) I thought you were going to name the fish Dede and Carca? ;)


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