Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Post By Gwen :P

Not Gwendolyn, Gwen. I am not Dodo, but Gwen. Just to clarify. :P

So today we finished our Christmas photos. I had mine taken a while ago, but today Phoebe finished them and we had our group photo taken. I think they turned out great. Especially the one of me. (Note from Phoebe: All my dolls think they're the greatest thing ever, the fact is most of them are, to me, at least.) I have the coolest hairstyle EVER!!! So, like, some of the hair on the right side of my head was completely brushed over to the left and then we tied it down with a little orange ribbon. Marisol got big, loopy pin curls and a partial pony. Luccccckkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyy! We also finished most Christmas shopping or card making today. I was one of the very first ones done. Of course my recipient was super simple, otherwise I would have to try to find something at 11o'clock tomorrow night. Oh yeah, our party is Tuesday on the first official day of winter. Yeah. And Phoebe has not already gotten two snow days (Note: Sarcasm, I got two Snow Days and they were awesome.) But anywayyyyyyyy, tomorrow is the master's birthday.
Me: Gwen, don't say that, it makes me sound evil.
Gwen: Then what should I call you?
Me: Uh, try, maybe...MY NAME??
Gwen: Oh Yeah.
Anyway, tomorrow is Phoebe's birthday and she is very excited. She'll enter a new age group, very fun. Plus then it's only 5 days till Christmas and there is a doll box under her tree. We know this stuff good, a little too good. Well, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and hope you have a great start to 2011!!


Gwen Larnes
And help from Phoebe :)


  1. Cool! Do you think you could post the pictures?
    That would be awesome!
    Charlotte :P

  2. Happy early birthday to Phoebe! And as for a doll box under the tree - exciting! My sister's getting a JLY for Christmas (I forgot which one! xD) and there's not a doll box for me (yet...), but I hope I get Mia.

  3. We will get the pictures up, as of now I'm planning on using the individual ones for their profile photos, but soon I can get them up in a post.

  4. Go to this link and check it out Phoebe.

  5. hi phoebe!! could you check out our blog and read our newest post? Also could you leave a comment leaving your vote??

  6. Hmmm.... I wonder if it's.... uh, wait, you already have the doll I thought you were getting! Never mind!!! :)/;)/:0/:D

    P.S. It's MIRANDA, NOT anonymous


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