Sunday, December 5, 2010

Welcome Back!

Hey everybody! I'm sooooo sorry I haven't posted in ages. Blogger wasn't working right so I could never upload my Thanksgiving pictures and I've had alot of homework. But, I'm back!! And I have some doll-related news.

Friday night my dolls decorated their tree! I have some pictures, too, of course! (If Blogger will let me upload them....) All but two have uploaded, so maybe I can get those up later.
My PCO3 (Pleasant Company Original 3) decorating the tree
Emily, Dodo, Timmy, and Alyssa having their first turn.
Note: See the lighthouse at the top? It plugs into one of the lights and really lights up!
When Molly reached for a dropped ornament, look at what she found!!
"When can I open it???" Molly asked.
I replied, " Molly, not until our party!!"
Sam had tto get a picture of her skirt that matches the tree skirt. I think it's just so cute!
In the process of devorating.
TA DA!! I nearly finished tree! All that's left is the topper!
Chrissa and Gwendolyn (Being the Mayor and newest arrival) got the honor of placing the bow on top of the tree!
The moment of awe before....
LIGHTS!! I know this picture is bad, but you get the idea :)
Yesterday I remembered that I had a garland (Ribbon with attached sequins that I got from Target), so here is the finished tree. As you can tell, I have some presents under the tree, but some of my dolls are last minute shoppers.
P.s. I read on Miranda's blog that her doll Chrissa might get a blog of her own. Lily already has one and so does the rest of her dolls. So I thought, I really like blogging/writing so maybe one of my dolls should get a blog of her own! What do you think, should one of my dolls get a blog, if so, who? BE HONEST, PLEASE, I WON'T BE OFFENDED IF YOU DON'T THINK SO!


  1. How cute! I love how you put Chrissa in the Ruby & Ribbons dress - when I get it sometime this month (hopefully) I'll have to put it on her.

    I think Gwendolyn should have the blog, seeing as she's my favorite of your dolls.

  2. Beautiful tree! Looks like you guys had a blast decorating it!

    I think you should let one of your girls have their own blog. But I think it really comes down to if they have the time. My friend JJ would love to have her own blog, but if she's not busy than she is too lazy to post anything. But it's totally fun if you have the time! I say go for it.


  3. When did you get the red Christmas dress?

  4. I love your Christmas tree, great outfits too!

  5. Hi, Phoebe! Cute pics...I love your tree. :) Letting one of your girls have her own blog is really fun. It is more time consuming, as others before me mentioned, so you might make sure you're not biting off more than you can chew. I'd definitely recommend giving it a try, though! Tess and Maggie LOVE their blog. :)


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