Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bird Cages and Picnik

Heya everybody! I have had 3 comments asking about my all-mighty bird cage. So, in 2005 I got it for Christmas, it was sold as Addy's bird. Unfortunately AG no longer sells her. :( Its such a shame, I love birds.

Several have also asked where I made my header. I used Picnik! Picnik is so awsome it isn't even funny. You MUST try it! I use it for all my edited photos. Plus, for you Picasa users, you can link it to your Picasa account! I haven't tried that yet, but it sounds pretty cool.




  1. I love your new header, Phoebe! I have waayy too much fun on Picnik myself, making headers and collages galore. :)

  2. Oh,I remember the cage from one of her book.And I agree,AG doesn't keep things long enough.(Just so you know,I'm the same person as RACHEL17.)Thanks for telling!

  3. Oh man, I remember when I was raving about rodents and you were bursting for birds! Good times, good times... XD


    P.S. I LOVE your new background, Phoebe! It SERIOUSLY fits your personality!!! :D


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