Monday, January 17, 2011

Hayden! (It's about time. . .)

'Ello! I'm so sorry for my lack of posts, I had a four day weekend (Friday we had off and we had today off, too.) and of course the first time I post is at 3 on Monday afternoon. Well, ya know how I mentioned my new Liv doll? Today I realized I never posted about her! Shame on me! So, without further or due, Please meet Hayden!
Pretty girl! Her wig is sideways in this pic, it's such a gorgeous color!
My lovely girl! She came with a hat, brush, bunny, purse, magnifying glass, and net, too. So pretty.
Tried to get a good pic of her amazing eyes, they are so nicely colored. Sorry this picture is so horrible! XD
With her bunny. That is the Sit and Relax chair that she is sitting on, I got it for Christmas.
Next to Emily for size comparrison.
I LOVE my Liv girl! If you were considering getting one, I would recomend them, the wigs are easy to deal with, they are very posable, and a decent price, too.


  1. There were a bunch of these dolls at my local Target on sale for $6-$7 each. If anyone is interested in getting one, they might try Target first. :)

  2. OMYGOODNESS!!! I ENVY YOU!!! I have ALWAYS wanted the sit and relax chair, but I NEVER GOT IT!!! Sadness. :(

    P.S. It's further ado.


  3. I love your header!Where did you make it and get the bird cage?!

  4. Aww,Hayden's so pretty!Awesome header!Where did you make it and where did you get the bird cage?

  5. Cute doll! I love her braids :) And your new header!

  6. Hey,I love the header!Where did you get the bird cage?It's so cute!Do you know of a really good place to find penpals?


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