Saturday, January 8, 2011

Meeting the New Girls

Finally I will have pictures of my new girls! I'm so sorry about this.
"C'mon, girls! Everyone's really excited to meet you!" Alyssa coaxed, one December day trying to get all the new arivals in the doll room. Finally, they agreed.
Alyssa led them in, very excited.
When they walked in, all the girls were shocked, three new girls, and they were this cute? They are just amazing, these pictures don't do them justice. :)
"Hey," the girl on the far left nervously said to all the staring faces.
"Everybody, here are our new girls! Felicity Merriman, Elizabeth Cole, and Lucy Belladonna!" Alyssa introduced the newbies to the rest of the citezens of Creekwater.
~Note~ Lucy's last name comes from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, Belladonna was Bilbo's mother's first name. Just in case you wanted to know. :)
Afterwords, Elizabeth went around and met all of her new friends.
So did Lissie! Ah, lovely, lovely Lissie.
And Lucy. They all went and met each of the girls (And Timmy!), and got to know each other a bit.
Afterwards, Chrissa, being mayor of Creekwater, gathered the girls and officially welcomed the girls totheir new home and wished them the best.
My beautiful new girls! (Sorry, Lucy's hair is messy.) They love their home! Thanks for reading!


  1. Lucy is adorable! I totally dig her glasses. Looks like a lovely crowd of girls.


  2. Hey-I just checked out your Picasa and there were only 4 albums.No new ones from the last time I looked.Anyway,Chrissa looks really pretty.
    Alyssa shirt,did you make it?If not were did you get it?Lanie looks pretty too and congrats on the new girlies!

  3. Aaah!!! Love these pictures Phoebe!!!!! You're keeping Elizabeth's curls really well! :D

  4. Your new dolls are gourgeous!! Is that your American Girl Room in the backround?

  5. Yes, that is my AG room, but I am in the process of reorganizing again! When it's clean I'll put some pics up.

    No, I did not make Alyssa's shirt. I bought it at a craft show, so it is hand made.


  6. Ohh,it's pretty though.Alyssa's shirt,love it!:)

  7. your pics are so adorable. I love your Sonali Doll


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