Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moment of the Day: Day 12

This is a photo of Lissie and Lizzie that I took Thursday night. I needed pictures of my new girlies and I had just recently figured out how to do a backdrop! (If you want, I can post instructions later.) Lissie is wearing her green riding skirt, Julie's Christmas top (Love that shirt!!), and Sam's bridesmaid shoes. Lizzie is wearing a slip that was hand made by this wonderful person that sells locally, a pink tee from the Doll Tees book, her scarf-shawl thing from her Tea Lesson gown, as well as the pink shoes that go with that dress and the hat. They had a mini photoshoot, some of them were okay, this was my favorite pose. Lissie's profile picture has one of the pics from this 'serries'.




  1. COOL! I think I'm still in denial about you having Lissie and Lizzie, because for some reason, I thought those were MY dolls, but then I remembered that I had my dolls with me ALL of yesterday and today! XD



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