Friday, January 21, 2011

My Dolls Page DONE!!!

YAY!! It's done! Go up to the bar on top and view my 'My Dolls' page! As I told you, I had tech issues a while back and my profiles after Alyssa got deleted, but today I fixed them! Everybody is now up there! Yay!! I just need to add color, but hey, all the info is up!

I had another snow day today! Which is COOL! Hahaha, I love bad jokes! We were supposed to get a high of 15 (Fahrenheit) today! Brr! Plus I figured out how to make videos on our new camera. How was your day?




  1. Cute! How do you add those tab things? I've been wanting to for awhile to put info of myself and friends but can't figure it out.



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