Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Master List *Muahahahahaha*

Insert evil laugh here! Okay, not really. I have updated my master list. Order is undecided currently, most of it depends on my doll fund at the time. So, here we go:

1. #30, named Maggie Belladonna (From The Hobbit!), Lucy's twin sister
2. Kanani Akina, I have a serious weak spot for GOTYs.
3. #23, possibly named Evelyne, my mini me.
4. Josefina/New HC, I like Josefina. Self explanatory.

So yup. As of now, that is the order. Kanani might be switched with #30, and Fi might be switched with #23. Tomorrow I go back to school, boohoo, I'll miss my girlies and blogging or just getting on here everyday. Oh well, just about 4 months to Spring Break. :) LOL

Do you have a Master list? Who's #1?




  1. #30 and #23 are gorgeous - We have them both at my house and they're definitely worth having. And I just found out on the AG events list for the cruise in November that they'll have a new HC either this year or next year! (But they won't say more...)

  2. Yay! Thank you, Claire. Ya know what I just realized? It's 2011, sometimes truths like that just suddenly dawn on me.

  3. My friend has #23, she named her Sage. I think Evelyne is an awesome name! I have friend named Evelyne :) Coincidentally, I also have a friend named Maggie!

  4. #23 is really pretty, as Claire said. I have her. Hannah

  5. I have a master list!!! Number One is the cow across the street from your house!!!


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