Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Fonts and a Poster

Hi everyone! We have a new font! Its called Sunshiny. It makes me happy. :) I also made a poster for my dolls, of Molly's Campaign pic. She ran in the election this summer, but Chrissa won. Here is my poster:It has random doodles on it, and says 'Do Amazing Things!'. It's sort of a joke between me and a friend. In the gym there are posters that say 'Do Amazing Things!' and we make fun of them and say 'Oh yeah, that's really inspirational!' sarcastically and things like that. So today I decided to make my dolls an 'inspirational' poster.
Thanks for reading!



P.s. The font on past posts is tiny with Sunshiny, so I'm using larger font now, just in case you were wondering. :)


  1. That is an ADORABLE poster! You should consider doing a giveaway! :D


    P.S. There's a poster that says that in our gym???

  2. Cute lol! Making fun of a poster like that sounds like something me and my friends would do :)


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