Saturday, February 26, 2011

Violet's Hairstyle

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long. But today I have a good post for you. Well, I think it's good. :)

So to explain this post. Well, last weekend I saw The Series of Unfortunate Events movie on TV, and I lovelovelove the books, and noticed that Violet had an interesting hairstyle. So, being the doll freak that I am, I decided to try that hairstyle on Julie!

Here it is from the back. I had problems loading the front view, so I'll try to post that later. :)

The right side (when looking at her face). I divided her hair into two sections then divided those into two sections. Then I braided 3 sections and did a small braid in the middle of the fourth.

With her hair in a ribbon. If your familiar with the serries, then you know that when Violet was thinking, she tied her hair up with a ribbon.
What could that devious little mind be thinking?
With one the books. That is the 12th book in the series, The Penultimate Peril.
Thank you for reading! Do you like The Series of Unfortunate Events?

P.s. 99th post!!!! And please vote on my poll. ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Icon and Pets

Hi everyone! Not my best efforts on the title this time. :) But today I was going to show you some pictures of my pets, and my new icon, if you haven't seen it already.

This is my Budgie (Parakeet) named JoJo. It's a bad picture, but to me it 'captures JoJo's essence' , in other words, this is just like how JoJo acts.
This is my other Budgie JeeJee (Pronounced like Gigi). He is a very lively and loud bird. Budgies are considered quiet on the loud-o-meter of pet birds, so I don't want to hear a bird considered to be loud!
This is my dog Kimi. She is a Toy Poodle, and is 9 years old, she will turn ten on the 18th of June. Today she went to the groomer, so this is my 'Before' picture.
And after! This is a really bad picture because you can't see her un-fuzzified face, but she is much thinner than I thought she was. :) (She eats way too many treats)
This is my new icon for Blogger! I love it, it has my dolls in it and that's my foot! XD I also really like the lighting on this one.
What do you think of my new icon? Do you have any pets of your own?
Phoebe (Who still likes pink)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day!! Lots o' Love!!! This is all my dolls in their V-day dresses. That's what mine did to celebrate, what about yours??


Phoebe (Who really likes pink)

P.s. Just to clarify, Mia and the dolls aren't going to take over or anything, they will just post more often. I'm not going to be completely over thrown by the little nightmare known as Mia.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

And my project begins. . . .(By Mia)

Hello vast world of Internet people! It is I , the one and awesome Mia St.Claire. I am here because of two things:
1. I am forming a mutiny to overthrow Phoebe online.
2. She keeps her dashboard on Blogger as her homepage, so I didn't even have to hack into her Google account to post.
So, I am forming a mutiny! So far only Lucy is helping me, but soon that will change. When all those other dolls realize the immense power that I have online now, they will soon join me.
I bet your probably thinking I'm crazy. Well, I'm not completely insane, I just want to be able to post, and if I can overthrow my owner online, I will be able to post and be in COMPLETE CONTROL!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *cough cough* Anyway, all that I need to do is pretty much be able to get onto the computer by myself. All of you humans might not realize this, but being a doll is hard. So, be on the look out for more posts by me and my fellow conspirators.


Mia; The Doll With A Mission

Friday, February 11, 2011

Moment of the Day: Day 14

This is seriuosly a random photo. XD I just went into a folder and clicked on a pic! But this is at AGPC, its some of the store exclusives. The girl on the left (#17) is wearing a red Store only dress, hat, and the Sweet Kitten heels (I have wanted those for forever and a half, someday I will get them.). The other girl (#30 aka Maggie aka Eva Grace) is wearing some of the new pink shoes, store only pants, and a Chicago shirt that I bought. :)



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Family, a Post by Dodo!

Hey y'all! It's Gwendolyn, and I was going to tell you about my family. Well, on Sunday I met my cousins! They are Hollie and Gwen Jacobs! They are Phoebe's BAGF's (Best American Girl Friend) dolls. Here is a picture of us together:

Aren't we cute?? Well, I know I am, but aren't my cousins cute, too? That's all I have to say, thanks for reading!



P.S. Mia might be forming a muitiny, so look out for more news on that.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Super Bowl Sunday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Who do you want to win? I honestly don't really care too much, but I'd half to pick the Packers. ;P So are you going to watch the super bowl? I mainly even acknowledge its existence for the commercials. I love commercials, well I don't love when they interrupt a good scene of Glee. . . . but I like certain ones. My favorites are the ones for Progressive, its an insurance company.

Do you know what else today brings??? Well, I'll tell you. New episodes of Glee! Yay! That's my favorite show and tonight they come back with new episodes! But, sadly enough, it comes on at 10:30 and I can't stay up that late on a school night. Lucky for me, the new eppi will be on Hulu so I can watch it later. Ooh, I can't wait! Yayness! Do you like Glee?

Lastly, something else today brings (Besides delicious food, lol!) is my friend's birthday! So, Happy Birthday, Christine!!!! I'll take a picture of her card when its done.



Saturday, February 5, 2011

Moment of the Day: Day 13

Hey everybody! This is a picture of Marisol after I curled her hair a few weeks ago, I turned out so pretty! I don't really have much else to say bout this picture. But she's wearing her meet tank top and the photographer pants. I used foam curlers, not the AG brand.



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Dolls on HIGH Places!!

These are just some pics I took for fun a while back! Enjoy!

Sam was standing on a chair to reach the fish and canary!
Sonali really wanted to get up to the bathroom! (What she's standing on top to bottom: Chair, box, Marisol's trunk.)

Julie climbed up on the window sill! (What she's standing on: Basket on a table.)

And Cammrie climbed up on top of Elizabeth's bed. . .

While Elizabeth was in it! (What she stood on: a suitcase type thing.)

Kit decided she wanted to scale the side of the bookshelf!

Molly, how did you get up there??????

Me: Uhhhhh, Dodo, what are you doing?
(What she's standing on: the Sit and Relax box, Patriot's box, trunk, Vera Bradley box, trunk, Barbie suitcase, chair, and pillow case box.)

Dodo: Oh, there was something I wanted at the top of the closet!
Me: Oh my. . .

LUCY???? What on Earth?? How did she get up there?

Lucy: Oops, I dropped my glasses, could you get those for me?
*Note: No body fell and everyone is safe. Lucy did not really drop her glasses and they are fine too.*
(Who has an Ice Day! XP)