Sunday, February 13, 2011

And my project begins. . . .(By Mia)

Hello vast world of Internet people! It is I , the one and awesome Mia St.Claire. I am here because of two things:
1. I am forming a mutiny to overthrow Phoebe online.
2. She keeps her dashboard on Blogger as her homepage, so I didn't even have to hack into her Google account to post.
So, I am forming a mutiny! So far only Lucy is helping me, but soon that will change. When all those other dolls realize the immense power that I have online now, they will soon join me.
I bet your probably thinking I'm crazy. Well, I'm not completely insane, I just want to be able to post, and if I can overthrow my owner online, I will be able to post and be in COMPLETE CONTROL!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *cough cough* Anyway, all that I need to do is pretty much be able to get onto the computer by myself. All of you humans might not realize this, but being a doll is hard. So, be on the look out for more posts by me and my fellow conspirators.


Mia; The Doll With A Mission


  1. Um, Mia? When's the last time you saw a therapist? ;)
    No, just joking :) Sounds like a good plan to me!
    Except for the 'overthrow phoebe' part....

  2. Hey, Mia! Welcome to the blogging world. Do you really have to overthrow Phoebe? She's so nice! Maybe you guys could come to a compromise? Mama gave us our own blog...maybe Phoebe would do the same for you.


    Hey Mia! Good luck with your mission. More power to dolls online everywhere!!


    I can't believe you just said that, Maggie! You like Phoebe's blog posts as much as I do!


    Hey, I'm just trying to encourage our newest blogging doll friend.


    P.S. Sorry this is such a long comment! :} I don't know what's come over Maggie.


  3. You Go Mia!!!
    Jaycie---Elena's doll

  4. Mia, I think you had too much bacon for breakfast! Also, when you said that you weren't completely insane, I interpreted this, "I may be insane, not COMPLETELY insane! But I'm still RATIONAL!" XD


    P.S. My word verification thing was Sally! :D


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