Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day!! Lots o' Love!!! This is all my dolls in their V-day dresses. That's what mine did to celebrate, what about yours??


Phoebe (Who really likes pink)

P.s. Just to clarify, Mia and the dolls aren't going to take over or anything, they will just post more often. I'm not going to be completely over thrown by the little nightmare known as Mia.


  1. I LOVE this photo!! They sure are ready for V-day!! :) It's probably gonna take long to get them dressed of of their outfits. LOL!!!

  2. Holy cow, how did you get that much pink???
    Cute picture! Unfortunately, I was being lazy today, and only posted on my non-doll blog :P

  3. Mia... she irks me sometimes, ith her craziness, and bacon love... she would like my cousin if she likes bacon THAT much! My cousin is CRAZIER for bacon!



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