Friday, February 11, 2011

Moment of the Day: Day 14

This is seriuosly a random photo. XD I just went into a folder and clicked on a pic! But this is at AGPC, its some of the store exclusives. The girl on the left (#17) is wearing a red Store only dress, hat, and the Sweet Kitten heels (I have wanted those for forever and a half, someday I will get them.). The other girl (#30 aka Maggie aka Eva Grace) is wearing some of the new pink shoes, store only pants, and a Chicago shirt that I bought. :)




  1. I really like that dress, i'm gonna take lots of pics when I visit the AG Place in NY

  2. Cool! I have the same shirt, but it's from boston! I do that all the time with folders - I'm looking for a certain picture and come across tons of old memories :)


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