Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Dolls on HIGH Places!!

These are just some pics I took for fun a while back! Enjoy!

Sam was standing on a chair to reach the fish and canary!
Sonali really wanted to get up to the bathroom! (What she's standing on top to bottom: Chair, box, Marisol's trunk.)

Julie climbed up on the window sill! (What she's standing on: Basket on a table.)

And Cammrie climbed up on top of Elizabeth's bed. . .

While Elizabeth was in it! (What she stood on: a suitcase type thing.)

Kit decided she wanted to scale the side of the bookshelf!

Molly, how did you get up there??????

Me: Uhhhhh, Dodo, what are you doing?
(What she's standing on: the Sit and Relax box, Patriot's box, trunk, Vera Bradley box, trunk, Barbie suitcase, chair, and pillow case box.)

Dodo: Oh, there was something I wanted at the top of the closet!
Me: Oh my. . .

LUCY???? What on Earth?? How did she get up there?

Lucy: Oops, I dropped my glasses, could you get those for me?
*Note: No body fell and everyone is safe. Lucy did not really drop her glasses and they are fine too.*
(Who has an Ice Day! XP)


  1. I forgot to say,(I didn't read the print at the bottom XD)I too, have an ice day!!! :D


  2. Cute photos! Man, you can't turn your back on them for a MINUTE, can you? ;)

  3. Cool! By the way, how did you get Molly up there, on the door?

  4. you have some dare devils there at your house .. and high climbers ..

  5. Very nice pictures. I just wanted to let you know that I make hand knit sweaters and other items for the American Girl Doll. Please come and check it out www.knitsforkids.etsy.com. Thanks and have a great day!

  6. Thank you! I love to watch Martha Speaks as well :D.

  7. the doll over the top of the door made me LOL. i suppose she used the shoe rack to climb up. Your girls are extreme thrill seekers!

    ~crochet doll accessories~


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